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Category: Accessories & Apparels

Accessories & Apparels

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  • Waistcoat designed as the Ao Naga tribe shawl (Tsungkotepsu) for men.

    The coat is completely designed using the Ao naga men’s traditional shawl. Four buttons and two pockets on the front and the front is designed by two parallel identical Ao naga men’s shawl design. Symbols of animals, birds, weapons and achievements are well embroidered on the coat as it symbolizes the tradition of the Ao naga men. Cowrie shells adorn both at the front and the back.

    The coat is of the similar design with the original Ao naga men shawl with red and black stripes along the entire coat. The back of the coat is designed with shells and the symbolic naga spear.


    Size- 46 (58cm bust* 67cm length)

    size- 44 (57cm bust* 63cm length)

    size-42  (54cm bust*63cm length)

    size – 40 (52cmbust* 63cm length)

    size- 38 (47cm bust* 60cm length)

    Size- 36 (44cm bust* 60cm length)

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  • Rengma Men Traditional Stole


    SOLD BY: Ethnic Inspirations

    DESIGN: Rengma Traditional

    MATERIAL: Cotton Acrylic

    DIMENSIONS: 64 x 9 Inches

    PLACE OF ORIGIN: Nagaland

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